The tree helps calm and enlighten thoughts.
Its favorable influence makes you look at life as a field for grandiose opportunities.

Gives a person optimism, helps to eliminate melancholy and depressive disorder.
Solid wood made larch considered a symbol of true immortality, which contributes to the strength of the senses and good health.

In the presence of phobias, doubts, constant anxiety, contact with this tree brings relief to the psycho-emotional state of a person. It cures disorders of the nervous system that are accompanied by apathy and low mood.

 Larch-a tree that is an indispensable assistant in the treatment of women's diseases.






Ash – tree of the world axis, symbolizes the divine nature of humanity.
According to Scandinavian legends, the first man was made of ash, and the first Woman was made of alder. Human figures were carved from the root of the tree for use in healing and other rituals.

It helps to understand the purpose, its energy awakens the ability to clairvoyance, allows you to know the future, but it helps only those who are sincere in their desire for knowledge.

Ash is credited with the ability to reject everything dark and evil.
In ancient India, protective amulets were made from ash to protect the wearer from malicious actions. Ash is powerful, and therefore endowed with properties to protect from magic, envy, the evil eye, as well as protect from trouble.

The aura of ash helps to maintain high spirits and good physical health, lowers the threshold of fatigue, helps to cope with stress and nervous tension. This tree helps to achieve inner harmony, unity with the environment, as well as gives a person strength and flexibility. The essence of Ash is closely associated with power.

Ash also contributes to the spiritual exercises and meditations. The tree acts as a bridge between matter and spirit, connecting the higher worlds and the Earth.

Suitable for both men and women, as well as small children. Ash does not give side effects and does not cause negative consequences.

The ash tree, which increases the energy of the person. Therefore, if a person already has a strong will and energy, this tree is contraindicated.





Products made of natural oak warm the soul, provide a boost of strength and health for entire generations.
Oak wood is practically not subject to rot, due to the presence of reserves of light energy, which is stored in it for centuries.

Oak wood is well preserved, and as a result, information is well stored. This can be fully used to work with affirmations to protect, increase physical strength and achieve maximum success.

Wood harmonizes the energy balance of a person, helps to open and clean the subtle bodies and upper chakras, and fills them with the powerful power of fire. These properties are the reason for the widespread use of oak in the field of medicine.

Relieves stress, helps to activate blood circulation, normalize blood pressure and shorten the recovery period.

Oak is a positive energy generator that eliminates stagnation.

Oak is a harsh tree with a strong aura that only healthy people can perceive.
If a person suffers from a serious illness or a chronic illness, they should not come into contact with this tree.

Oak is a sacred tree not only in Russia, but also in many other countries of the world.
Oak transmits information over long distances, and its energy can create a vortex that will connect the worlds.

The oak's patrons are Perun, Thor, Zeus, and Jupiter. Men are more likely to communicate with this tree than women. The male energy of the oak tree has the strength, rigidity, power and energy of fire.

A woman who interacts with this tree becomes overly aggressive and moves away from her feminine essence.

The oak gives strength to the warriors, the fighters, the people with power and health.
Oak is a tree that symbolizes vitality and longevity.



Through contact with the tree, a person becomes the owner of a very large amount of vital energy.