We have simplified the ordering, payment and delivery process as much as possible.
Now you can receive your order in the shortest possible time.

Ready orders (which are in stock) - are sent within 2-5 days after payment for the order. We try to send as quickly as possible, if possible, then within a few hours after receiving payment.

New orders (production) - production 7/9 working days after receipt of payment, after which the product is dispatched. If the terms of production were discussed individually, then production takes the time indicated in the correspondence.

* After the transfer of the cargo to the transport company, the workshop is not responsible for its further safety.

* When sending goods, the recipient may face additional customs duties. Delivery terms to different countries change from year to year - find out the exact conditions in the customs authorities of your country.



The guarantee is provided only for the ORDER NUMBER, issued by Email!

Full product warranty extends for 1 year from the date of receipt of the order.
* In the event of physical damage, scratching the coating, exposure to moisture or improper storage conditions - the warranty will be void.

During the entire warranty period, if there is a photo of the breakdown, the workshop repairs for free, or replaces the product for free with a new one with the same characteristics.

* Claims by phone, messengers or SMS are not accepted, since official correspondence and product photos are not saved.

Delivery of the new / revised product to the customer is at the expense of the workshop.
Sending the damaged product for exchange / restoration is at the expense of the client.

In the case of restoration, the guarantee remains for the period from the date of the original purchase and receipt of the order.
In case of exchange, the warranty is renewed from the date of receipt of the new product.



Important: Exchange and return are made if the specified product was not in use, its presentation, consumer properties were preserved, and there is also a receipt or other document confirming payment for the specified product.

The seller, after the consumer's request, must investigate the causes of malfunctions, therefore, before exchanging things or collecting previously paid money for products, he assigns an examination. It is necessary to identify who is responsible for the breakdown, the manufacturer or the consumer.

The grounds for refusal are the expiration of the circulation period, loss of appearance or if the breakdown has arisen due to the action of the buyer.

* In the event of a return of the goods, in the presence of a scratch or violation of the varnish coating, the monetary compensation can be paid in a reduced amount (the cost of the work that goes to bring the product into marketable condition is retained)


ATTENTION! You must understand that you are purchasing products from natural wood. A real tree can behave differently under different dry / wet conditions. When changing seasons, transportation or other cases, the tree can deform, namely, "sag" along the fibers. We do our best to prevent this from happening: we buy dried wood from trusted suppliers, we use special impregnations. The percentage of customers with this problem ~ 1/300.

If the deformation (deflection) of the boards with nails is less than 13% of the standard, claims for return and exchange will not be accepted!



© An increase in environmental humidity leads to an increase in the linear parameters of the sawn timber in all directions. In width, changes can reach 13% of the initial size, and in length only a few percent, which is explained by the peculiarity of the location of wood fibers and their physical properties.